Xpress Fitness & Running (XFR) is a group of enthusiasts who have made fitness and running as their passion to enjoy and celebrate life, to avoid injuries, and develop a physical and mental endurance to lead a healthy and happy life while caring for the world and its people by contributing in social causes, helping our less privileged friends.

Initially founded, in August 2016, as a running group, to promote running as a lifestyle, and organize small group runs, professional events, the group has evolved to Xpress Fitness & Running (XFR) in order to serve all fitness freaks, and not just runners, from every nook and corner of cities. The Objective is not just physical fitness but to achieve human adaptability to cope with various situations, to develop an ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to look smart, young and handsome, to resist hypokinetic diseases, and to meet emergency situations.

XFR follows its own hierarchy of needs model that starts with Physical fitness (Focus on your target – 10K, Half Marathon, Full or Ultra Marathons, Triathlon, Iron Man, Sports) to Mental fitness (Balance emotions, Achieve work-life balance, perseverance, patience, cool headedness, start living in the moment) to Social Fitness (Share and care, connect before correct, manage group and team dynamics, attain positive attitude, learn to exist as community, do your bit for betterment of society – less privileged ones and environment) and finally Spiritual fitness (Attain complete inner peace and calm, forgiving and giving).  xfr_pyramid

Since founding days, we have always believed in doing our bit for less privileged friends from organizing sports events for improving kinematics of body, exhibitions, women day run to buy sanitary napkins for women in our villages, traffic awareness campaign, stopping wrong side driving, run and drink chai for cancer, celebrating 15th August, Diwali, Holi, Christmas with less privileged kids, teaching and mentoring them, clothes and blankets collection drive, buying sweets and hampers, raising funds through both by selling and buying charity bibs, ADHM fundraisers, and many more activities. Charity becomes philanthropy when former is strategized, and we do not believe in doing it for others but for us.

We organized a Green Greater Noida Run (16th Oct, 2016) event, and when people were pressing for more registration, we thought of opening charity bibs at higher price, and lot of people came forward. We raised and contributed 32000 to Vidya & Child and 8000 to DCCW, the NGOs involved in improving health and promoting education for children.


In 2016, we ended the season with spreading love, healthy lifestyle, and happiness to those we care. XFR celebrated Fitness with Philanthropy when 58 participants (XFR Runners and Volunteers from all across NCR) came out as host to day 5 (Thursday, 29th Dec) of SHARE & CARE : RUNNING WEEK, a week to test endurance by running 21 KMs each day of week, to give the message of healthy living to others and also to get together to pass over our unused/lesser used running gears (shoes , t-shirts, accessories or anything else) which are doing us no good lying on our shelves, to those who can use them and make us all proud. This initiative was run by Tarun Walecha, a 46 year old architect who has been running for last 6 years. XFR also participated in other day runs and worth mentioning is fact when a 6 year old XFRian Angad Aggarwal ran 10K on first day kick-start Share and Care.


Whatever come our way, this XSQ – XFR Social Quotient continue as our core founding principle!!!

Xpress Fitness & Running
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