Most of you must be gearing up for Super Sikh Run – SSR on 10th Dec or other upcoming runs.

One must follow what we call a *Tapering period* in 10-15 days before the race. It means you will reduce the volume and intensity of workouts so you get to the starting line feeling ready to run.

You can’t gain fitness in these last 10 days before your 21.1 Km run, but you can tire yourself out so much that a top performance is out of reach. Your workout 10 days before a half marathon should feature mostly rest, a bit of cross training and some short runs so you feel springy, not slow, on race day.

After so much training, some runners find it difficult to scale back; others find it hard to get on the feet. But doing too much (or too little) during this critical period can compromise the recovery and momentum you need to complement all your hard work you have done in past many months or may be an year.

Here is a balanced program of run and rest for you to get you ready for race on Sunday 10 Dec or any race in next 10 days.

You should reduce the volume proportionate to your race day distance as this program I am suggesting is for 21.1 Km or half marathon (HM)

Training Schedule 10 days before Race Day (Example: Today is 30th Nov, and Race day is 10th Dec – Sunday)

1. Friday, 1 Dec – *5 Km Run* at pace you are targeting for HM on Race day.

2. Saturday, 2 Dec – *30 min Cross Training* (Cycling, Stepping, Swimming (weather) or gymnasium with reduced (half) intensity of your regular workout.

3. Sunday, 3rd Dec – *Last long Run of 13-15 KM* at little slower (0.5) of your HM pace you are targeting.

4. Monday, 4th Dec – *30 min cross (Full body) resistance training with weights*.

Remember it should be half of your routine intensity. If you do not do gym, then do pushups, pull-ups, squats and lunges, 2-3 sets of 5-10 repetitions or play any game like badminton, tennis, etc carefully avoiding injury.

5. Tuesday, 5th Dec – *Easy 2 Km Run at a and 2 Km walk*

6. Wednesday, 6th Dec – *Speed Play* at lower intensity than your targeted pace. Warm up for 5-10 min with easy 1 KM run.

a. *2 min run* at 1 unit pace slower than your HM pace and *1 min run* at 1 unit pace higher than your HM pace. Repeat 5 times (Total 3*5 = 15 min)

b. *1 min run* at HM pace, *1 min brisk walk*. Repeat 10 times (Total 20 min)

Total 40 min workout.

7. Thursday, 7th Dec – *5 KM Run at conversational pace*.

8. Friday, 8th Dec – *30 min Yoga or Stretching* (Heel drops, Superman stretches, bridges, quads and hamstrings and rolls from head to toe).

Gentle oil massage (Self) for 10-15 min around knees, ankles; on calves and toes (trim your nails as well).

9. Saturday, 9th Dec: *3-4 Km Run at HM-0.5 pace*

10. Sunday, 10th Dec – *Race Day* Arrive at least 45-60 minutes before the start based on car parking situation. Walk around and run 500 mtr as a light warm-up. Avoid crowding by staying near the back. During the race, run a little slower than the HM targeted pace for first KM Pick it up to HM pace naturally and make the initial loss in last 2-3 KMs if you’re feeling good. Enjoy that final Km — you did it! Congratulations !!!

All the best!

Sumeet Aggarwal

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