Xpress Fitness & Running (XFR) is a group of enthusiasts who have made fitness and running as their passion to enjoy and celebrate life, to avoid injuries, and develop a physical and mental endurance to lead a healthy and happy life while caring for the world and its people by contributing in social causes, helping our less privileged friends.

Initially founded, in August 2016, as XpressWay Runners (XWR), to promote running as a lifestyle, and organize small group runs, professional events, the group has evolved to Xpress Fitness & Running (XFR) in order to serve all fitness freaks (swimming, gymming, cycling and triathlon-ironmen-ironwomen, sports), and not just runners, from every nook and corner of cities. The Objective is not just physical fitness but to achieve human adaptability to cope with various situations, to develop an ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to look smart, young and handsome, to resist hypokinetic diseases, and to meet emergency situations.

You are more than welcome to lead, support or collaborate with us for following XFR Objectives and activities for 2016-17.

A. To encourage participation in and enjoyment of running and racing at all distances, Fitness activities like swimming, gymming, cycling and triathlon,iron-men,iron-women, sports, etc.
B. To celebrate achievement at both individual and group level and in team events.
C. To share preparation, training and coaching for running and racing; strength and endurance.
D. To promote the health and fitness of members.
E. To encourage good fellowship.
F. To promote and assist in the promotion of road races and gym activities in the local region.
G. To undertake other duties, responsibilities and activities consistent with the nature and well-being of the group and its membership.
H. To assist in social cause and help NGO raise fund through sports and other events.
I. To encourage running, fitness as a lifestyle in children (4 and above) as well.
J. To organize charity runs and festival events around sports.
K. To help members achieve overall fitness, endurance and strength by reducing weight/fat/inches as appropriate.

a. Group Runs
b. Sports event
c. Organize runs for a cause
d. Organize training sessions by physiotherapist and doctors and trainers.
• We already have few nominations from panel in friend circle who are ready to join us.
e. Train 10 new members for ADHM 2017
f. Train 5 new members for 10 minute improvement in ADHM 2017
g. Training program for Weight/fat/inch loss for 10 people in the group.
Note: The above numbers for e-f-g are based on availability of time of experts within the group and we can design it for more people.
h. We will maintain a fund as and when required for carrying out certain activities that require fee. It will be purely on voluntary basis, and communicated appropriately. We will maintain an account book, initially informally, and later through bank account.

For local run communications and sync up, right now the plan to start with 4 local WhatsUp groups whenever any member wants to join.
1. XFR Noida
2. XFR G. Noida
3. XFR Gurgaon
4. XFR Covestro – We are doing some special programs for Covestro, getting their employee registered for Grand Noida Marathon, so a separate group for now. Later now we will merge them into city groups as per their locations.

Please contact at 9811251045 if you want to be added to any of the WhatsUp group. Later on XFR can grow in Faridabad and Delhi or any other city. People from any part of the world can join our group (FB and WhatsUp). We will focus only on Running and Fitness and of course celebration and emergency help requests (on any topic) by fellow members

Happy Fitness and Running to all XFRians!!!

Thanks & Best Regards,
Xpress Fitness & Running (XFR)
Stronger, Fitter & Better