Have you trimmed your nails and planned for your chaffing prevention (appropriate innerwear or 3M Tape or Vaseline whatever works best for you)?

Many of you specially new runner wonder what to do on pre-race day of big run like TMM, ADHM and XFHM.

1. No pressure, worry, and overdoing at all at this time. Rome was not built in one day. Taking this step means – You are already a winner!

2. Trim your foot nails carefully without overcutting or hurting yourself.

3. Keep all your stuff – clothes, shoes, socks, sports gears, car parking stickers, keys, some money and driving license ready at one place in a bag.

4. Do not try any new thing, no new shoes, no new diet, no new type or extra attire. Keep everything light food in the night and clothes in the morning.

Note: To avoid cold from parking to race start line and waiting, better to manage in same light attire you plan to finally run. You can do warm up run or attend Jumba near the stage to keep you warm. If going  too early then manage with a light jacket to be deposited with friends or counter later.

5. Sleep well, relax and enjoy the race tomorrow. Remember the flow motivator – the joy of Running when you are just you. You are a winner!

6. Queues for parking, toilet or baggage counter will be long so plan for it with extra time. Try to do car pool or hire a cab to avoid parking tension etc.

7. What to eat in the night: Light eating means less food and no fried food. I prefer daal chapati, Dalia (Porridge) or Khichdi.

8. What to eat in the morning: You can have some light carb snacks like boiled potatoes, bananas with little salt, pasta, lemon tea, normal tea with few biscuits, etc.

Note: You do not have try too hard to learn about it now. Just eat light (always recommended) in the night and what suits you in the morning but at least 1-2 hour before the race.

9. Hydrate yourself good today with 3-4 litres of drinking water, and tomorrow morning with 1-2 glasses.

10. Keep yourself hydrated with water and energy drinks a bit during the run as well specially if you are running first time – make sure to stop at mid way to take a water and energy drink break.

11. It is YOUR race. You are the best. Nobody is watching you but only you. Enjoy the crowd, tempo, enthusiasm on the way, wave your friends or anyone you like, keep clapping for yourself, other runners and volunteers, feel the YOU, count your heart beat to 100, count your steps to 100 with each foot, make short targets – let me cross that runner, let me reach that pole or signage before I walk if feeling low, and when you reach there give yourself another short target.

Do you remember what I said in the beginning and in the middle at 5th point – *You are a Winner!*

Congratulations and All the best!

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