Fabulously Awesomantic XFR – 350.22 KMs and 796 stadium track laps by 3 teams in NDM Stadium Relay Team run on 22nd Jan, 2017.

XFR Spartans fantastically achieved 7th Rank with 286 laps and 125.92 Kms among all champions 30 registered, 24 finishers’ teams. XFR Warriors and XFR Challengers with 255 laps won 16th and 17th ranks. Harison, Himanshu and Shubham did their best score for their respective teams.

All XFR 18 runners reached on perfect time, finished with their best ...this is our first win, then most of us did 2 hour long run for first time, XFR is for motivating all into running and fitness, and challenge themselves, this is our second win, we all have met wonderful people who will now be friends for life, this is our third win, and we have achieved one of top 7 rank, this is our fourth win. Let us keep running, rocking and celebrating life!!!

A big Congratulations! What a Sunday it was for us! We had tons of fun, run and enjoyment to cherish for long!!!



XFR SPARTANS (7th Rank Total distance : 125.82kms (286 laps))

A) Harison Stuart: 25.5 kms (58 laps)
B) SweetyAmbardar Kachroo : 18.04 kms (41 laps)
C) Deepti Mohanty : 18.48 kms (42 laps)
D) Vimal Tewari : 22 kms (50 laps)
E) Sumeet Aggarwal : 21.12 kms(48 laps)
F) Venkata Yazali : 20.68 kms (47 laps)

XFR WARRIORS (16th Rank Total distance : 112.2 kms (255 laps))

A) Ved Pandey: 17.6 kms (40 laps)
B) Pallavi Aga: 18.92 kms (43 laps)
C) Moutani Goswami: 16.72 kms (38 laps)
D) Devender Gurung: 18.04 kms(41 laps)
E) Hoti Lal Gupta: 18.48 kms (42 laps)
F) Shubham Saxena: 22.44 kms (51 laps)

XFR CHALLENGERS (17th Rank Total distance : 112.2 kms (255 laps)

A) Himanshu Bisht: 22 kms (50 laps)
B) Pradeep Tiwari: 17.6 kms (40 laps)
C) Ashok Kumar Bachchas: 18.48 kms (42 laps)
D) Pinki Kumari: 18.04 kms (41 laps)
E) Arpita Rai : 16.72 kms (38 laps)
F) Manuj Ayodhyawasi : 19.36 kms (44 laps)

We also salute Tanvir Kazmi for doing 12 hour run in injury. We thank Mamta Jaiswal for her support.

There was a dog that ran almost 7 hours, and he was perfectly taking rounds over rounds with all rules followed. Hats Off.

We thank again Amrita Joseph, Mamta Jaiswal, Harsh Madan, Sanyam Gautam, Rohini Kaul, Bharti Sharma, Jitendra Advani, Vishal Rastogi, Pankaj Rai, Arpita Rai, Prashanth B.P., Monika Saraf Aggarwal, Preeti Singh, Niharika Gupta, Maya Nair for their back up support, and all XFRians for their wishes…